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Jens Arentzen is a Danish award-winning actor, director and scriptwriter who has taught a large part of our times internationally known actors, instructors and executives. Arentzen’s expansive knowledge of what he talks about, and the ability to demonstrate, tools, techniques and methods has made him a highly sought-after consultant and facilitator. Arentzen goes straight to the bid and [does not put your fingers apart] when it comes to dysfunction, mismanagement and un-life-giving processes. Arentzen is rounded by music and the ability to communicate ‘musically’. Understand to hit people where it stays and becomes a natural gift for the rest of life. Arentzen is one of the most widely used lecturers in the north, followed by the wildest superlatives around his performance. His movies, TV shows and books are highly regarded, perhaps because he is capable of combining; knowing what he is talking about, being unpretentious and varm.

Arentzen was born in 1958, in Copenhagen.
Educated at Aarhus School of Drama and the Danish Film School.
Has, among other things, made the films, When the sun goes down, the Glass house prisoners and the television series, Hour of realization.
He writes for newspapers and books on the subjects communication, public speaking, acting, emotional intelligence, and the importance of relations
Arentzen holds these lectures:

A matter of emotions

In this talk / lecture, Arentzen puts emotional intelligence on the agenda, not about, but in practice. What can change our performance, relationships and relationships with customers and each other. There is root in the emotional practice.

After Arentzen’s lecture, you and your team will go straight out of the door and start exercising emotional communication. And even your family will be happy for your brush up and newly acquired ability to empathize.

Public speaking, How.

At this lecture or workshop, the Arentzen takes you through the phases to ability public speaking, so it touches the audience and transforms. You will have tools to have an intension. Get a method of creating structure, and techniques for studying and exercising so in obtaining of course, effortless authority. In this lecture / workshop, Arentzen, the actor of Aristotle, makes the act and relations psychology easy to understand and in practice, you are happy to take with you in your life, where oral communication often becomes the factor that determines whether we are successful.

Stress poisoning
The emotional web

In this lecture, Arentzen, by telling about his own life, will make the importance about relationships clear for growing lto be whole persons. To have life-giving families, businesses and business. Arentzen will also show negative relationships toxic meaning and make it clear to all of us that the ability to create wellbeing, in classrooms, at the doctor, at a workplace and at a customer meeting, is the factor that determines whether you and those around you will get shining eyes.